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Rob Gawley is extremely trustworthy. The shop is a treasure chest of amazing surprises at fair prices.

Rob Gawley has an uncanny talent for finding the most unusual items!!! It is well worth the trip! You don’t know what you might be missing!!!

When I moved to Bloomfield over 22 years ago, the movers lost the skeleton key for my grandfather’s antique secretary desk. For all these years I have been trying to find a replacement key, but with no luck, and the secretary remained locked. Willow mentioned trying an antique shop, and I thought, they probably wouldn’t have a spare key that they didn’t need; Nevertheless, it wouldn’t hurt to try. When we passed by What Its Worth Antiques in Bloomfield, something told me to quickly jot down their number and call to ask them if they randomly had a replacement skeleton key. “Sure!” they said. Not only did they have A key, but they had a bunch we could go through. When we got to the store, sure enough, he had a bunch of skeleton keys on a key ring….and the exact secretary that my grandfather had. We tried out the keys and found an exact one that matched his secretary. We told him we’d take that one. He replied, “Take them all, just to be sure it fits, and bring back the others that don’t work. If I’m not here when you return, you can leave the extra keys in the mailbox. The biggest surprise is when I offered him money for it, he refused! I’m not in the market for antiques, but if you are, Rob the owner is amazing. So happy!!!